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Habits that damage the teeth of the little ones

Oral hygiene should start from a young age, not waiting to detect the first tooth decay, it is important to take care of habits to prevent problems.

Here are some habits that can be avoided to take proper care:

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How to keep your teeth white when wearing braces

When undergoing orthodontic treatment, we must be more careful with the care of our teeth.

Here are some tips to keep your smile white:

  1. Your toothpaste is key, it must contain fluoride and brush until lather.
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How to detect if I have cavities?

Cavities, so annoying and silent in the early stages, we all wonder if we have cavities until the pain becomes unbearable and we decide to go to the dentist, here we will know how to identify if it is time to end them.

Before identifying if we have cavities, what are they? According to the dictionary of the Spanish language, it means erosion (wear) of the tooth enamel produced by bacteria. These cavities if not treated in time can cause other diseases such as gingivitis or reach the degree of affecting the root of the tooth.

There are different degrees of cavities, it is difficult to identify when there is an initial stage because it does not present pain, that is why it is recommended to visit your dentist at least twice a year.

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What you should know about wisdom teeth

The name of wisdom teeth comes from wisdom and judgment, because these molars appear until we are 17-18 years old and that is when we say that we have more "judgment", they are two lower and two higher; one on each side of the mouth.

Not all people should remove their wisdom teeth, that is a myth, according to Luciana Asprino, professor in the area of ​​oral and maxillofacial surgery at the Piracicaba School of Dentistry at the State University of Campinas, comments that there are a minority of patients in which the tooth manages to come out and occlusion occurs, which is when the teeth of the upper arch touch the lower ones when biting, in those cases, surgery is not necessary. If recommended in the case of orthodontic treatment, prevent the teeth from moving again when they come out.

What about pain and swelling? The more experience your dental surgeon has with wisdom tooth extraction, the less traumatic the surgery will be. Next, Dr. Aliza at Life and Health recommends us about the recovery process:

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How frequently should I get professional teeth cleaning?

Good oral health will always depend on a good routine and hygiene when brushing your
teeth. As a general rule, teeth should be brushed at least three times a day or after every
meal. Some dentists or the best centers of cosmetic dentistry in Tijuana, Los Angeles,
New York and most of the United States recommend brushing your teeth before breakfast
to avoid problems such as bad breath.

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