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How to detect if I have cavities?


Cavities, so annoying and silent in the early stages, we all wonder if we have cavities until the pain becomes unbearable and we decide to go to the dentist, here we will know how to identify if it is time to end them.

Before identifying if we have cavities, what are they? According to the dictionary of the Spanish language, it means erosion (wear) of the tooth enamel produced by bacteria. These cavities if not treated in time can cause other diseases such as gingivitis or reach the degree of affecting the root of the tooth.

There are different degrees of cavities, it is difficult to identify when there is an initial stage because it does not present pain, that is why it is recommended to visit your dentist at least twice a year.


  • Tooth color: The tooth's shine is lost due to wear of the enamel, it acquires a matte tone and begins to change color; gray, brown or black spots may appear.
  • Sensation: There is discomfort when chewing, the teeth are sensitive to cold or heat, when the pain is strong it is because you have had a cavity for a long time without treating; sometimes you can even feel a throbbing in the tooth (more advanced cavities).
  • Breath: El mal aliento puede ser ocasionado por no cepillarse la lengua u otros factores, las caries ocasionan que las bacterias se reproduzcan y eso también puede ser una causa.
  • Holes or dark spots: If the cavities are advanced, some parts of the tooth can be broken, if you see holes in a tooth, visit your dentist immediately.

To prevent cavities:

  • The importance of brushing: We know that it is very difficult today to be consistent with the ideal routine for the care of your teeth, we recommend that you always carry your toothbrush, pocket rinse and dental floss in your bag for lunch at work or a meal with your friends; Proper oral hygiene will be of great help to you in the coming years.
  • Foods and drinks with sugar: Sweets, chocolates, sodas, sugary cereals are not healthy snacks, we recommend replacing them with fruits and vegetables that will give you more energy.
  • Alcohol and tobacco: Tobacco interferes with the process of producing saliva, which helps keep teeth clean, and alcohol causes wear on the enamel of your teeth.

Love your body! Your teeth are an important part of it and they deserve you to take care of them, check the symptoms to detect a cavity early and maintain proper oral hygiene.

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