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We know that drinking 2 liters of water a day helps our entire body to function properly, but we really know what benefit it gives us in our mouth? Here we tell you the benefits that water gives us in our mouth.

1.- Prevention of dry mouth: the correct intake of water a day helps us to produce more saliva. Saliva has many functions, but one of the most important is that it helps us to keep our mouth clean in a natural way and prevent food from remaining stuck in our mouth.

The lack or decrease of saliva production can be caused by many causes:

  • Pharmacotherapy.
  • Consumption of alcohol or tobacco in excess.
  • Hormonal changes.
  • Diseases (diabetes) and cancer treatments.
  • Even anxiety, stress.


2.- Helps to prevent cavities:

When presenting a dry mouth (not having enough saliva production) we are more likely to have cavities in our teeth, since the food stays in our mouth for longer.

Saliva is 99% water and has multiple properties, among them it protects us against cavities, neutralizing acids and helping maintain a balance between demineralization and remineralization of teeth.


3.- Hydration:

By keeping our saliva production at adequate levels, we have a pleasant sensation of our mucous membranes, lips, gums and tongue.


4.- Bad breath or halitosis:

Bad breath is also related to the presence of bacteria in the mouth and on the surface of the tongue. Drinking enough water helps us control bad breath, since we produce more saliva, do not forget to brush your teeth correctly at least 2 times a day using dental floss and use mouthwash for a longer bacterial protection.



What can I do to prevent bad breath?

-Brush the teeth with a correct brushing technique, doing it at least 2 times a day, using dental floss and using mouthwash for a longer bacterial protection.


-Avoid dry mouth by stimulating saliva production, we can achieve this either by drinking water or chewing sugar-free gum.

-Don't forget to go to a consultation every 6 months for a cleaning and a review of your mouth.


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